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The film and television industry is flourishing and all types of new locations are continually sought by productions—which are with certain Health & Safety parameters— allowed to continue filming on location and are monitored during the pandemic and notably during Provincial Shutdowns for adherence to Provincial safety measures.


Covid-19 safety guidelines and restrictions govern the film industry during the pandemic.


The Ministry of Labour's Section 21 Health and Safety Guidelines for the Film Industry include extensive COVID-19 measures.

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I’d Like My Property In For Consideration By Directors

For property owners interested in having a searchable presence in a much-used resource by film scouts and location mangers for movies, TV shows and commercials, please visit the public access portion of the Ontario Creates digital location-photo library site and follow the instructions via the “List Your Property” button. There is no cost to be listed. The process can take up to four months. CLICK HERE FOR FAQs


Should you prefer a cinema industry service provider to see to the work of inclusion into the resource, IMI can supply a professional film scout to photograph, create a photo file of your property and submit for inclusion into the Ontario Creates Location Photo Library on your behalf. The cost for this service is $299. plus HST for properties within the GTA via the contact page of the Liam Kiernan website. The upside of this option is that your property will be immediately shared with location managers affiliated with Liam Kiernan for consideration for on-going projects as well as being in the time-unknown queue to have a presence on the Ontario Creates Location Library.

Not Interested In Filming Proposals?

Should you wish to dissuade door-knocks from cinema scouts—as some homeowners are not inclined to renting out their homes for filming regardless of the compensation—simply purchase IMI’s small vinyl custom transfer sticker (available only in black or white) pictured here. The lettering on the hand symbol is a clear area which allows the colour of the surface to which the transfer is adhered, to be the colour of the lettering expressing your wish not to be disturbed. The cost is $5.99 plus HST (includes handling and postage within Canada – allow two weeks for delivery). This “sticker” should do the trick as location scouts are conscientious and appreciate the time-saving gesture.

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